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Sybrin, Quetri IT Solutions Partner To Help Accelerate Digital Transformation In Greece, South East Europe

Sybrin, Quetri IT Solutions partner to help accelerate digital transformation in Greece, South East Europe

As of 1 September 2020, Sybrin and Quetri have partnered to enable digitisation in organisations in both Greece and South East Europe, with a view to providing world-class software solutions strategically supported with advisory and managed services.
Sybrin, a leading global provider of payment solutions, financial services solutions, and a low-code development platform for digital transformation, has partnered with Quetri IT Solutions, a boutique service provider of information technology consulting and strategy advisory.
With this partnership, Sybrin ensures end-to-end management and support for customers in Greece and South East Europe. The purpose thereof being to accelerate customers’ digitisation strategies in these territories, making use of Quetri’s domain and industry expertise coupled with Sybrin’s software solutions as enablers. The partnership will thus enable users of Sybrin’s platform offering to be backed by advisory and managed services from Quetri.
“We are excited to become partners of Sybrin, one of the leading providers of digital transformation. Sybrin provides a portfolio of solutions for financial services that are based on low code platform enabling clients to configure and expand the readymade accelerators but also to create their own accelerators and solutions. The specific partnership will assist clients from Greece and South East Europe to gain access to high-quality digital and strategy advisory services through certified resources of Quetri,” says Kostas Kotsiopoulos, Managing Partner of Quetri.
“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Quetri. It is an important step for Sybrin towards expanding our footprint into Greece and South East Europe. Quetri’s team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in these markets and we look forward to aiding Quetri in solving its customers’ digitisation challenges,” says Marius Maré, CEO of Sybrin